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In times where the internet takes over books, newspapers and magazines...

This is a tribute to PAPER



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Article in newspaper DE GENTENAAR, May 6th 2023

Article Newspaper De Gentenaar,  May 6th 2023

Dominique Cambon was born in Ghent, Belgium (1970). Her love for paper started quite by chance. At one point she looked at a stack of old magazines and had an idea. That is how the idea came to design ecological paper art and design. She uses a lot of recyclable materials. The idea is to give a new life to old or even broken items. Her first works were Japanese drawings set with paper mosaic. Over the years she immersed herself in other techniques such as modular origami and quilling art. Her creations are still a combination of old and new materials. Meanwhile, her skills developed more by creating lightings. She is inspired by the elements of nature and Japanese culture.   

Article Newspaper De Gentenaar, May 6th 2023

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